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Product Portfolio

Araxxe’s core services: verification of global transactions and a suite of services to help Communication Companies optimizing their revenues.

Global Transaction Verification

Why outsourcing Test Call generation?

Test Call Generator Outsourcing presentationAraxxe can monitor the incoming traffic to detect Simbox bypassing interconnect gateways and leading to termination revenue losses. This service enables IT and Network teams of communication companies who wish to outsource the management of test call generators and probes. Araxxe ensures that test call generators are operational as per the agreed SLA while IT and Network teams are able to focus on their business needs and the corresponding test campaigns. Two outsourcing models are proposed: (a) the communication company asks Araxxe to reuse and operate on their behalf their existing test call generators; (b) alternatively Araxxe can provide the test call generators and lease them to the communication company for its test campaigns.

Getting access to a Global Service

Global Access Service presentationYou can easily leverage Araxxe's global test infrastructure. Our service enables service providers to develop their own products in partnership with Araxxe: it opens up Araxxe's international network of test call generators for any global use. Transactions are executed by Araxxe infrastructure according to requests from the service provider. Then execution records are sent back by Araxxe to the service provider for further processing.

Our Global Test infrastructure has been designed and implemented to deliver flawless monitoring services at any point where we have a technical presence.

Araxxe's Product Portfolio
On top of this test infrastructure, we have designed a suite of services to help Communication Companies optimizing their revenues:

  • Subscribers End-to-End Billing Verification
  • Wholesale Partners End-to-End Billing Verification
  • Interconnect Fraud Detection

For each of those services, we deliver managed services; this means that we operate 100% of the service from our premises:

  • We install our robots and servers in our own locations. 
  • We execute and monitor test transactions for you. 
  • Based on this sample of transactions, we produce pointed reports that clearly describe where the root-cause of the problem is, so that your technical teams can fix them

Araxxe: Customized solutions to suit your needs
We offer a customized solution in order to meet your specific business needs and requirements. There are so many ways to use our services: 

  • You can choose to focus on revenue assurance and/or interconnect fraud detection
  • To fix billing errors in order to comply with regulatory constraints (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • To tackle the traditional Simbox fraud and/or detect the more sophisticated interconnect fraud schemes (e.g. ghost trunks)
  • Check the billing of your new postpaid offerings and/or monitor your inbound roaming partners
  • Perform an audit during a limited period of time and/or go for a recurring monitoring
  • Outsource of the revenue assurance function or add a missing piece in your existing overall internal control framework (e.g. outbound roaming billing)

And much more ! ...

Return on Investment
We provide regular assessment of Return on Investment to make sure money is spent on controls that are worth doing and adapt monitored scope accordingly.