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Roaming Billing Verification


Outbound roaming revenues, i.e. the revenues generated by your subscribers when they travel abroad, represent a significant part of retail revenues. Moreover roaming services have higher billing error rates than other revenues flows because of the multiple layers of players and technical systems (the visited network, the data clearing house and the home network). The main challenges for telecom operators are as follows:

  • Put outbound roaming revenues under control for all types of subscribers:
    > Personal, business, corporate, large account, machine-to-machine
    > Postpaid and prepaid
  • Put outbound roaming revenues under control in all roaming zones.
  • Increase retail revenues by identifying under-billing.
  • Limit legal risk from subscribers’ complaints about over-billing.

Our solution

Monitoring the charging and billing of outbound roaming services to detect errors happening when your subscribers roam abroad:

  • Generate and analyse a sample of real mobile transactions (Voice, SMS, MMS and Data) while roaming abroad.
  • Match in a systematic way (a) the sample traffic generated by Araxxe robots with (b) the billing data feeds including traffic details (e.g. online customer invoices, prepaid account information)
  • Check metering accuracy, unbilled transactions, over-charged / under-charged transactions, bundle rating, option rating, on-peak / off-peak rating, prepaid account debit, prepaid bonus management, actual functioning of bill shock prevention policy, pricing against 2,000+ international destinations.
  • Prioritize and report actionable findings supported by detailed technical traces and estimate business impacts.