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Araxxe’s mission is to help communication service providers maximize profitability by reducing fraud, eliminating unnecessary spending, ensuring billing accuracy and helping to maintain brand reputation.

We achieve this through subscription based Managed Solutions in the Interconnect Fraud Detection and Revenue Assurance domains. Our solutions are based on a global infrastructure of Test Event Generators supplemented by Artificial Intelligence and supported by a Team of Experts.


Learn more about End-to-End Billing Verification

Learn more about End-to-End Billing Verification.
Pinpointing billing errors, minimizing revenue loss, and preventing reputational damage.


Learn more about A2P SMS Bypass Detection and Voice Bypass DetectionLearn more about  A2P SMS Bypass Detection and Voice Bypass Detection Identifying fraud schemes that allow the delivery of A2P SMS and termination of international calls via grey routes, limiting the risk of revenue loss or artificial increase of costs.

Consult our A2P SMS Bypass Observatory
Consult our worldwide observatories
- The A2P SMS Bypass Observatories, providing a unique view of A2P SMS fraud in your country
        - The Billing Errors Observatories, displaying Billing Error Rates of Data, Voice and SMS transactions identified whilst your subscribers are roaming across the continents. 


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Our Data & Roaming Billing Observatories

Our unique maps display Billing Error Rates (BER) of Data transactions performed in 358 networks in 120 countries over 5 continents

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