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Pay TV & VOD Billing Verification


The rules of the game have changed: Pay TV and Video-on-Demand entered the world of telecom operators. 
Research shows that TV and IPTV services revenues are expected to see the fastest growth in the telecom industry! It is getting a bigger share of the pie in term of revenues. So how do you know your billing system is working properly when your customer orders a movie or pays to watch a football match?

Our Solution

Monitoring Pay TV and Video-on-Demand to detect billing errors before they turn into revenue losses or customer complaints:

  • Generate and analyse a sample of real billed events such as pay-per-view movie downloads, subscription / cancelation of TV channels packages, subscription / cancelation of VoD packages.
  • Match in a systematic way (a) the billed events generated by Araxxe robots with (b) the event data records in the subscriber invoices. 
  • Check metering accuracy, unbilled transactions, over-charged / under-charged transactions, bundle rating, option rating.
  • Prioritize and report actionable findings supported by detailed technical traces and estimate business impacts.