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Key Contacts

Fidel Aponte, Araxxe.
Fidel Aponte

VP Latin-America & Caribbean.

Mehdi Bencheqroun, Araxxe.
Mehdi Bencheqroun

Founder, Chief Financial Officer.

Margot Bouteille, Araxxe.
Margot Bouteille

Manager of Interconnect Fraud Detection Team.

Julio Chung, Araxxe.
Julio Chung

International Sales Manager.

Lidiia Shikhranova, Araxxe.
Lidiia Shikhranova

International Sales Manager.

Philippe Favier, Araxxe.
Philippe Favier

Chief Information Security Officer - Head of IT Operation.

Paul Flanagan, Araxxe.
Paul Flanagan

Product Account Manager.

Fabienne Gandy, Araxxe.
Fabienne Gandy

Service Delivery Manager.

Emmanuelle Guillermin, Araxxe.
Emmanuelle Guillermin

Project Management Officer.

Cécile Journeau, Araxxe.
Cécile Journeau

Manager of Communication & Marketing.

Xavier Lesage, Araxxe.
Xavier Lesage

Founder, President.

Nathalie Lusset, Araxxe.
Nathalie Lusset

Vice President Human Resources & Administrative Affairs & Operational Finance.

Alexandre Marchal, Araxxe.
Alexandre Marchal

Information Technology Manager.

Régis Miqueu, Araxxe.
Régis Miqueu

Client Pilots Manager.

Christophe Oliver, Araxxe.
Christophe Oliver

VP North-America.

Philippe Orsini, Araxxe.
Philippe Orsini

Head of Operational Excellence.

Eloi Pastre, Araxxe.
Eloi Pastré

International Sales Manager.

Marc Pelous, Araxxe.
Marc Pelous

Product Manager.

Adrien Pernet, Araxxe.
Adrien Pernet

International Sales Manager.

Lilian Perron, Araxxe.
Lilian Perron

Chief Innovation Officer.

Guillemette Piccon, Araxxe.
Guillemette Piccon

Manager of Telecom Resources & Manual Operations Teams.

Christophe Scholer, Araxxe.
Christophe Scholer

Founder, Chief Executive Officer.

Lisa Taillandier, Araxxe.
Lisa Taillandier

International Sales Manager.

Frederick Van de Weghe, Araxxe.
Frederick Van de Weghe

Chief Commercial Officer.