• MTR Arbitrage

    Mobile Termination Rates Arbitrage: does it happen on your network?

    In the European Union, the mobile network operators are now allowed to apply higher termination rates to non-EU incoming traffic. Where there are differential termination rates, there is a high risk of Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) Arbitrage that may impact your network.

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  • Insight into new SIM Box Types - An Araxxe Whitepaper

    Araxxe has just released a whitepaper that will help you understand the new evolutions in Interconnect Fraud!

    Download it here “Insight into new SIM Box Types - An Araxxe Whitepaper

  • CFCA educational event

    As a proud member of the CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association) which is the most important telecoms fraud control organization in North-America, we are pleased to attend and sponsor the third CFCA educational event in 2016.

    The event will take place in Denver, CO, USA from the 27th to the 29th of September. Feel free to contact Fred if you want to book a meeting in advance (frederick.van.de.weghe@araxxe.com).