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Transit Carriers Monitoring

International voice calls still represent a significant revenue stream and cost for operators around the world.
Araxxe understands the multiple fraud scenarios that operators face when sending these calls.
Based upon our experience we have identified situations where their overall termination fees are inflated by between 5% and 15% where operators pay for “full CLI” delivery but calls are terminated via various fraud schemes.


International voice call volumes have dropped since the introduction of OTT applications such as Viber and WhatsApp. Transit carriers have been forced to use increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes to avoid termination fees, whilst charging operator top dollar for high-quality call termination.

Declining international traffic volumes   +  Transit Carriers strategies to increase their margins!   =
Operators pay for a Quality of Service they don’t receive.

Operators face three significant issues when transit carriers terminate traffic over fraudulent routes:

a) Negative Financial Impact,
b) Poor Customer Experience and
c) Liability Risks.

Our Solution

We offer proactive End-to-End testing where calls are generated from your network to international destinations.
The outcome of these tests is recorded and presented in real-time via our user portal so that corrective actions can be taken to address issues.

Results are used to optimize the "least cost routing" capability implemented by operator team, while making sure customer experience is duly protected.
When required, Araxxe experts can provide certified statements to confirm fraud that can be used to challenge carriers, forcing corrective action, supporting legal action, and substantiating financial claims.

Our service offers unlimited call volumes, so additional testing can be generated towards problem destinations as and when required.