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Revenue Assurance - Subscribers

Premium Rate Services Billing Verification


Premium Rate Services, i.e. directory services, information services, weather forecasting services, etc., are high-margin services. Premium Rate Services are error prone because of the multiplicity of rates and rating schemes. Another source of weakness lies in the revenue-sharing mechanism that often means that a part of the charges has to be paid by the carrier to the content provider. Any loophole can lead to substantial loss of revenues, over-payment to content providers or exploitation by fraudsters. The main challenges for telecom operators are as follows:

  • Put premium rate services revenues under control for all types of subscribers:
    > Personal, business, corporate, large account, machine-to-machine
    > Postpaid and prepaid
  • Increase retail revenues by identifying under-billing.
  • Limit legal risk from subscribers’ complaints about over-billing.

Our solution

Monitoring the billing of premium rate services to detect revenue leakages impacting your subscribers:

  • Generate and analyse a sample of real transactions (Voice mobile, SMS, Voice fixed) from the home network towards a panel of premium rates numbers.
  • Match in a systematic way (a) the sample traffic generated by Araxxe robots with (b) the billing data feeds including traffic details (e.g. online customer invoices, prepaid account information)
  • Check metering accuracy, unbilled transactions, over-charged / under-charged transactions, bundle rating, option rating, on-peak / off-peak rating, prepaid account debit
  • Prioritize and report actionable findings supported by detailed technical traces and estimate business impacts.