Revenue Assurance - Subscribers

Irregular Usage Billing Verification


Irregular usages scenarios represent a risk for the telecom operators and may lead to unbilled transactions, fraud and security concerns. Telecom operators have to increase networks and systems resilience in case of irregular usages occurring on the network.

Our Solution

Assessing the risk of irregular usages by checking potential weak points on your network and on your roaming partner networks:

  • Generate and analyse a sample of real mobile transactions covering 100+ potential weak points of the billing chain: 
    > Voice, SMS and Data
    > Home network and while roaming abroad
    > Postpaid and prepaid
  • Match in a systematic way (a) the sample traffic generated by Araxxe robots with (b) the billing data feeds including traffic details (e.g. online customer invoices, prepaid account information)
  • Check whether the transaction is allowed or blocked by the network. If allowed by the network, check whether the transaction is properly billed or not.
  • Prioritize and report actionable findings supported by detailed technical traces and estimate business impacts.