Interconnect Fraud Detection

Outgoing Voice SIM Box Detection


Reduce artificial inflation of interconnect costs by tackling SIM Boxes generating fraudulent international outgoing traffic.
SIM Box fraud does not only impact termination revenues: it may also dramatically increase interconnect costs when your SIM cards are used in SIM boxes to terminate calls on international destination networks. 

Our Solution

Monitoring your outgoing traffic to detect SIM Box performing international bypass and leading to an increase of interconnect costs:

  • Generate detection calls from a unique portfolio of 3,700+ routes (including all types of operators/routes worldwide) towards a selection of risky destination networks.
  • Detect your SIM cards used in SIM boxes to terminate calls on the destination networks by taking advantage of rate plans with inexpensive international tariffs.
  • Maximize the probability to detect bypass with specific call campaign while minimizing the risk of counter-detections thanks to patented methods.
  • Send alerts to enable disconnection by the operator.
  • Deliver actionable reports including material proofs of bypass.