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Interconnect Fraud Detection

Outgoing Over-the-Top (OTT) Bypass Detection


Control the interconnect costs by detecting outgoing international traffic delivered on the destination network via OTT applications.
Over-the-top (OTT) Bypass can also impact your outgoing traffic. When part of your outgoing traffic terminates on an international destination via an OTT application, this quality of service issue also impact your interconnect costs.

Our solution

Monitoring your outgoing traffic to detect international destinations where the calls are terminated via OTT applications:

  • Generate voice calls from your network towards a selection of international destination networks.
  • Receive detection calls by robots with dual capacity of terminating calls both on circuit-switched mode and on an OTT application.
  • Identify the transit carrier whose call routing leads to OTT Bypass termination.
  • Deliver actionable reports including material proofs of bypass and enabling corrective actions: commercial actions (complaints to transit carrier operators and termination price renegotiation) and technical actions (change call routing strategy for the impacted destination network)