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Interconnect Fraud Detection

Mobile Termination Rates Arbitrage


Increase incoming traffic revenues by tackling cases of arbitrage when terminating international traffic on your network
In the European Union, the mobile network operators are now allowed to apply higher termination rates to non-EU incoming traffic. Where there are differential termination rates, there is a high risk of Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) Arbitrage that may impact your network. To terminate the traffic at lower costs, some operators / carriers that are supposed to pay high MTR re-originate the traffic in order to pay lower MTR.

Our Solution

Monitoring your incoming traffic to make sure the origin-based billing is properly applied:

  • Detection calls generation from a unique portfolio of 3,700+ routes (including all types of operators/routes worldwide) with a special focus on the originations subject to the higher termination rates.
  • Detect cases of CLI re-filing or International SIM Box by comparing (a) the real originating operator with (b) the actual terminating operator.
  • Analysis and presentation of actionable findings with formal proofs of fraud and detailed technical trace.