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Interconnect Fraud Detection

Interconnect Ghost Trunk Detection


Increase termination revenues by detecting ghost trunks terminating traffic on your network ‘below the radar’. 
Employees and subcontractors have deep insider knowledge of networks and IT systems. They can use their knowledge to develop a lucrative business by setting technical configurations (interconnect ghost trunks) and using them to resell traffic to third parties.

Our solution

Performing in-depth health checks of your incoming traffic to detect sophisticated fraud cases and operational issues leading to termination revenue losses:

  • Generate voice calls from a unique portfolio of 3,700+ routes (including all types of operators/routes worldwide) to your network.
  • Match, on a call-per-call basis, the interconnect call data records with the internal call data records produced by Araxxe robots.
  • Identify the precise route used by the calls to enter your network and pinpoint the fraud event if the incoming interconnect trunks have been protected or hidden by the fraudsters. 
  • Detect potential fraud schemes such as interconnect ghost trunks, pirate gateways and wrong switch configuration.
  • Deliver actionable reports including material proofs of fraud and detailed technical trace.