Interconnect Fraud Detection

A2P SMS Termination Abuse


Monetize the Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS traffic terminating on you network.
Traditional messaging services from operators have a long time been viewed as under threat from OTT offerings However, in terms of revenues, SMS still continues to dominate the market, with MNOs benefiting from growth in the A2P (application to person) sector. As a result, this is a business fraudsters did not wait too long to exploit: SMS fraud is now affecting operators in all regions around the globe. They have to address the loss of revenue arising from the presence of ‘grey’ route messaging in the global application-to-person (A2P) SMS marketplace.

Our Solution

Monitoring your A2P SMS incoming traffic and detect grey routes impacting your SMS termination revenues:

  • Detection SMS generation from a unique portfolio of 300+ originations including: wholesale SMS providers, OTT service providers, A2P service providers and brands.
  • Detect fraud cases (SIM Box, SMSC faking, SMSC spoofing, fraudulent circumventions…) leading SMS termination revenue losses.
  • Deliver actionable reports including material proofs of fraud and detailed technical trace.