Revenue Assurance Solutions

Prepaid Charging Verification

Revenue Assurance is a company-wide, on-going challenge. In the retail segment, average prepaid charging error rates range between 1% and 3%. Revenue leakage and charging errors hurt your top and bottom lines. Errors upset customers, partners, regulators, and your CFO. Technical innovation increases as well as marketing rate plans and promotions being launched and changed on a regular basis which is making prepaid and postpaid billing chain complexity increasing weekly. Time to market constraints leave little room for testing.

Our Solution 
Monitoring debits of your prepaid accounts to detect charging errors before they turn into revenue losses or customer complaints:

  • Generation, monitoring and analysis of real voice and data traffic to and from anywhere in the world, on any network.
  • Revenue leakages and billing errors identification: 
    • by comparing (a) the sample traffic generated by the robots to (b) online customer invoices including traffic details
    • by controlling metering accuracy, unbilled transactions, over/under-charged transactions, bucket rating, option rating, on peak / off peak rating, pricing against 2,000+ international destinations...
  • Prioritization of discrepancies and presentation of actionable findings, with the required detailed technical trace.