Revenue Assurance Solutions

Premium Rate Services

Premium Rate Services (i.e. revenues generated with directory services, information services, weather forecasting services, etc.) are high-margin services.
Premium Rate Services are error prone because of the multiplicity of rates and rating schemes. Another source of weakness lies in the revenue-sharing mechanism that often means that a part of the charges has to be paid by the carrier to the content provider.
Any loophole can lead to substantial loss of revenues, over-payment to content providers or exploitation by fraudsters.

Our solution
Monitoring your premium rate services billing to detect revenue leakages impacting your subscribers:

  • Generation, monitoring and analysis of voice and data traffic 
    • to premium rates numbers
    • from anywhere in the world, on any network.
  • Revenue leakages and billing errors identification by comparing (a) the sample traffic generated by the robots to (b) billing information and actual prices charged to subscribers.
  • Prioritization of discrepancies and presentation of actionable findings, with the required detailed technical trace.