Revenue Assurance Solutions

Outbound Roaming

Outbound roaming revenues (i.e. the revenues generated by your subscribers when they travel abroad) represents around 4% of retail revenues.
They also generate a larger share of operating margin thanks to higher rates. Roaming have higher billing error rates than other revenues flows because of the multiple layers of players and technical systems: Visited PLMN, Data Clearing House and Home PLMN.

Our solution
Monitoring the billing of your outbound roaming to detect billing errors happening when your subscribers roam abroad:

  • Generation, monitoring and analysis of roaming voice and data traffic to and from anywhere in the world, on any network.
  • Revenue leakages and billing errors identification 
    • by comparing (a) the sample traffic generated by the robots to (b) actual invoice lines or prepaid account information. 
    • by controlling the top roaming countries and involve mobile originating calls (to local, international and premium destinations), mobile terminating calls, checking of data passes performance, ...
  • Prioritization of discrepancies and presentation of actionable findings, with the required detailed technical trace.