Revenue Assurance Solutions

Mobile Data Billing Verification

Mobile Data is booming!  Market research forecasts more than 50% of data traffic growth per year and resulting in data consumption multiplied by 10 in the next 5 years! So why should you care? 
Not only because data services are or will become your first source of revenue but also because billing of data services evolves in a highly complex and moving environment, challenging to understand when it comes to invoice your customers correctly…

Our solution
Monitoring the billing of your data services to detect metering and billing errors impacting the fastest growing usage in mature markets:

  • Generation, monitoring and analysis of real voice and data traffic 
    • e.g. e-mail, web browsing, MMS, SMS, FTP
    • from anywhere in the world, on any network: home network and while outbound roaming 
  • Revenue leakage and billing errors identification 
    • by comparing (a) the sample traffic generated by the robots to (b) actual invoice lines or prepaid account information.
    • by controlling metering accuracy, bucket rating, actual functioning of Fair Use Policy, rounding rules, price...
  • Prioritization of discrepancies and presentation of actionable findings with the required detailed technical trace.