Integrated Solutions

Araxxe provides Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection services to communication companies, using a portfolio of managed services. 

Global Test Infrastructure :
We have designed and implemented a global test infrastructure that enables us to deliver flawless monitoring services at any point where we have a technical presence.

Product Portfolio :
On top of this test infrastructure, we have designed a suite of services to help Communication Companies optimizing their revenues:

  • Subscribers End-to-End Billing Verification
  • Wholesale Partners  End-to-End Billing Verification
  • Interconnect Fraud Detection

Managed Services : 
We deliver managed services; this means that we operate 100% of the service from our premises:

  • We install our robots and servers in our own locations. 
  • We execute and monitor test transactions for you. 
  • Based on this sample of transactions, we produce pointed reports that clearly describe where the root-cause of the problem is, so that your technical teams can fix them!

Use Cases :
We offer a customized solution in order to meet your specific business needs and requirements. There are so many ways to use our services: 

  • Focus on revenue assurance and / or interconnect fraud detection?
  • Fix billing errors and / or comply with regulatory constraints (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley)?
  • Tackle the traditional Simbox fraud and / or detect the more sophisticated interconnect fraud schemes (e.g. ghost trunks)?
  • Check the billing of your new postpaid offerings and / or monitor your inbound roaming partners?
  • Perform an audit during a limited period of time and / or go for a recurring monitoring?
  • Outsource of the revenue assurance function or add a missing piece in your existing overall internal control framework (e.g. outbound roaming billing)?

Return on Investment :
We provide regular assessment of Return on Investment to make sure money is spent on controls that are worth doing and adapt monitored scope accordingly.