Fraud Detection Solutions

Outgoing SIM Box (your SIM cards)

SIM Box Fraud has a big business impact: termination revenue losses, interconnect cost inflation, unsuccessful legal interception, subscriber identity theft, poor subscriber service quality, network capacity issues… to name only a few.

Our Solution 
Monitoring your outgoing traffic to detect SIM Box performing international bypass and leading to an increase of interconnect costs:

  • Detection calls generation from a unique portfolio of 3,700+ routes (including all types of operators/routes worldwide) towards a selection of risky destination networks.
  • Identification of your fraudulent SIM cards used in SIM boxes together with:
    • Systematic material proofs of bypass
    • ‘Real’ Real time alerts notification sent to enable the fastest possible disconnection time.
  • Maximization of the probability to detect bypass with specific call campaign
  • Risk minimization of counter-detections thanks to patented methods
  • Analysis and presentation of actionable findings with formal proofs of fraud and detailed technical trace.