Fraud Detection Solutions

OTT Bypass

Over-the-top (OTT) players are currently a real headache for the telecom operators: OTT messaging competing with SMS, excessive pressure on bandwidth due to OTT data transactions.... But OTT providers are also changing the traditional interconnect scenarios. 
Not only your termination revenues are at risk but now OTT providers even enter the carrier landscape with only one goal… terminating regular voice calls on OTT applications and thus further reducing your interconnect revenues!

Our solution
Monitoring your incoming traffic to detect use of Over-The-Top (OTT) applications bypassing the interconnect gateways and leading to termination revenue losses:

  • Detection calls generation from a unique portfolio of 3,700+ routes (including all types of operators/routes worldwide) 
  • Maximization of the probability to detect OTT bypass with specific call campaign
  • Risk minimization of counter-detections thanks to patented methods
  • Identification of the originating operators or carriers using OTT Bypass techniques to terminate traffic on your network
  • Analysis and presentation of actionable findings with formal proofs of fraud and detailed technical trace.