Fraud Detection Solutions

Mobile Termination Rates Arbitrage

In the European Union, the mobile network operators are now allowed to apply higher termination rates to non-EU incoming traffic. Where there are differential termination rates, there is a high risk of Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) Arbitrage that may impact your network. To terminate the traffic at lower costs, some operators / carriers that are supposed to pay high MTR re-originate the traffic in order to pay lower MTR.

Our Solution
Monitoring your incoming traffic to make sure the origin-based surcharges are properly applied and secure voice termination revenue:

  • Detection calls generation from a unique portfolio of 3,700+ routes (including all types of operators/routes worldwide) 
  • Management of specific call campaigns:
    • monitoring the main originations subject to the higher termination rates 
    • with the higher risk of mobile termination rates arbitrage.
  • Identification of the specific scenarios happening on your network: 
    • originating operators or carriers 
    • different bypass techniques –e.g. CLI refilling, international SIM Boxing, … – 
    • Systematic material proofs of bypass 
    • ‘Real’ real time alerts notification to enable you to take quick corrective actions.
  • Analysis and presentation of actionable findings with formal proofs of fraud and detailed technical trace.