Your Needs


Our goal is to address your business monitoring needs. By experience, we know that mobile operators, wireline companies, content providers, service providers and transit carriers have unique requirements and priorities in terms of monitoring. Should you experience one or a combination of the requirements below, be sure that Araxxe can help your business and give us a chance to present what we can do.

Monitor Metering Accuracy
Monitor Rating Correctness
Monitor Billing Record Exhaustiveness
Monitor Inbound Roaming Revenues 
Monitor Outbound Roaming Revenues 
Monitor PRS Voice and SMS Revenues
Monitor Data Services Revenues: Buckets, Passes, Volumes, OTT, etc. 
Check Roaming Billing Compliance with European Union Directives 
Check Data Services Fair Use Policy Mechanisms 
Check Top-up Mechanisms for Prepaid Customers 
Monitor Loyalty Programme for Postpaid Customers 
Monitor Video On-Demand Services 
Detect if other Operators Bypass Interconnect Gateways 
Detect SIM Boxes Fraudsters that use your SIM cards 
Detect Arbitrage Fraud in International Traffic to your Network 
Detect Internal Fraud in National Traffic to your Network 
Detect hacked Pbx generating Traffic in your Network
Detect International or Domestic Shared Revenue Fraud in your network
Detect SMS Frauds freely sent to your Network 
Monitor Mobile Payments: Peer-to-peer Transfer, Invoice, Cash in/out, etc 
Regression Tests of Billing when upgrading a Network Component
Regression Tests of Billing when upgrading an IT System
Monitor Processes Quality through Customers' Eyes 
Monitor Billing Processes according to ETSI Standards TS 102 845 
Monitor CLI Transmission to your Roaming Subscribers
Monitor CLI Transmission in international Outgoing calls
Monitor False Answering to and from your Network 


This list has been developed based on the needs most frequently expressed by our customers. Should your needs be different, please let us know by sending an email to